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Latest Deals | 28th June 2022




The Levi’s brand needs no introduction and is a household name around the world, thanks to its timeless and durable denim pieces, classic style and innovations in fashion.

Known for its original denim clothing including jeans, jackets, shirts and everything in between, Levi’s is an industry leader whose collection offers something versatile and durable for everyone. Regardless of your style, you can find a Levi’s piece that you will love.

In addition to its signature denim, Levi’s has an extensive range of clothing including chinos endorsed by R&B sensation, Khalid and a limited-edition sneaker collection made in collaboration with New Balance.

Levi’s is a proud supporter of the LGBTQI community and have collaborated with Manilla von Teez for a special addition of pride themed tees, jackets and accessories.

In 2010, the brand released its Curve ID range for women which used over 60 000 body scans and input from women to design a pair of jeans that accentuated curves of all shapes and sizes.

The Levi’s brand values empathy, integrity, originality and courage and these principles manifest in the brand’s clean, edgy and bold designs.

Levi’s can be a staple in your wardrobe as they are made to have a long life and stay out the landfills longer as well as save you money. This is just one of the ways Levi’s is attempting to position itself as a socially responsible brand.

Levi’s also uses cotton in their products and have taken great strides in ensuring that it transitions to sustainable sources by 2021. This would include using cotton grown with fewer chemicals, and through fair labour practices.

Additionally, Levi’s is committed to using practices that rely on significantly less water and in 2011, the average pair of jeans used 42 litres of water to make.

To this end, Levi’s invests in the Better Cotton Initiative which is a global program that trains farmers to implement more sustainable practices.

Levi’s has been defining denim trends since 1853 when Bavarian-born founder Levi Strauss started his store selling clothes, boots and other goods in San Francisco. Levi later partnered with Jacob Davis in 1872 to produce the iconic riveted-for-strength, brown cotton duck and true-blue denim jeans that revolutionised the industry.

The signature logo of two horses emerged in 1886 and symbolised the strength of Levi’s.

Today the brand is one of the largest internationally sold apparel companies and have over five hundred stores in 110 countries.

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