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Lorna Jane proves time and again that sporty can be cute and offers customers a wide variety of quirky, stylish and comfortable activewear to suit their busy lifestyle.

Lorna Jane wants to make its customers feel good about being healthy and having a closet full of stunning, comfortable and chic clothing makes living the active lifestyle that much easier.

The brand’s style comprises sleek lines, balanced tones and simple designs. The range includes must-haves for every active woman’s wardrobe, from support bras to secret socks. There’s something for everyone and sizes range from super-small to extra-large.

Lorna Jane is also a pioneer for protective anti-virus technology and the revolutionary LJ Shield which is used exclusively in Lorna Jane active wear. LJ shield is a safe, permanent and sustainable solution to harmful bacteria. The chemical-free shield is a water-based mist that is sprayed onto all Lorna Jane garments to protect against bacteria that causes odour and disease. The shield has an additional number of benefits such as cooling, hyper evaporation and UVA protection.

Lorna Jane cares about your health and to minimise the harm to your skin, the brand pays special attention to ensuring that you are the first person to wear newly purchased garments. Its ground-breaking First Wear initiative launched in 2017 and minimised the number of hands that come into direct contact with the products and adapted its packaging environment.

The company also sends its stock directly to stores to reduce multi-handling and as of 2020, are in the process of transitioning to tamper-proof and non-resealable compostable garment bags.

Lorna Jane is an Australian company that was founded in 1989 when a fitness instructor cut apart her swimsuit to see how it was made. Lorna began designing her own activewear which soon captured the attention of people in her fitness classes who couldn’t resist asking for custom orders.

Over thirty years later, and Lorna Jane’s curiosity has led to a brand that produces industry-first technologies and engages with real people to truly understand what its customers need. The Lorna Jane philosophy comprises being fearless, committed, compassionate and impactful and the brand tries to incorporate these values into their products.

Lorna Jane wants to help inspire women to lead their best active lives and encourages the philosophy of Move, Nourish and Believe. To motivate other women the Lorna Jane designed the Ambassador program, an exclusive club for fitness industry professionals.

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