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Old Khaki is a clothing retailer providing comfortable, casual items.

Old Khaki is a clothing brand that was developed by the Cape Union Mart Group, a family-owned South African retailer with a history dating back to 1933. Old Khaki was developed, along with the Poetry brand, to better serve the needs of Cape Union Mart consumers throughout all aspects of their lives. By 1999, Cape Union Mart had firmly established itself as the destination store for outdoor and adventure clothing and the owners realised that they were potentially missing a large part of the casual clothing market when their customers would go elsewhere for these clothes, so the Old Khaki range was introduced as part of the store. Old Khaki worked exceptionally well and in 2005, a standalone store was opened, becoming the first of Cape Union Mart’s stores to branch out. The store offers comfortable everyday clothes, footwear and accessories for men and women, with the brand being decidedly unpretentious and authentic. The clothes are of a high-quality and are durable, with a vintage feel.

Old Khaki has 63 stores currently, and the product range is also available via an online store. In 2015, Old Khaki launched its first TV campaign to convey the brand message and principle of ‘unrestricted living’. The campaign captured people in everyday moments. The store also launched its own in-house fragrance called Unrestricted for men and women.

The first Old Khaki store opened in 2005.

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