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Latest Deals | 28th June 2022




Distinctive elegant finishes and polished aesthetics is what defines Pandora, the crafters of youthful, hand-finished and authentic jewellery. Pandora caters to the poised, cool and refined young person, looking for something to add some sparkle to their look.

Pandora’s mission is to offer women a modern, quality and affordable range of jewellery that captures the series of key moments in their lives. Their vision to help you create a collection of special unforgettable memories symbolised by timeless and beautiful jewels.

You’ll easily be able to find charms that express your personality in Pandora’s broad range of unique and themed charms, such as their South African themed collection, ‘African Journey’ which comprises cute paw prints and other local iconography.

Their Pandora Shine collection offers something a little bit more momentous, using sterling silver encased in 18ct gold-plated unique metal blend. Pandora also features a range of solid 14ct pieces.

A Pandora piece would make the perfect gift and you can remind your loved ones of your special memories with Petite Memories, a collection of lockets and mini locket charms. The Gift Finder on their website also helps you find the perfect item and sorts its collections by occasion for you.

Their range also comprises creative themed collections such as its Graduation selection, Harry Potter, Zodiac or the limited 2020 collection.

There are thirteen Pandora stores in South African and you can find Pandora products in 49 stores including Africa Jewels, Rockabella and Arabella Diamonds.

Pandora is a Danish company that was established in 1982 by married couple Per and Winnie Enevoldsen. The Enevoldsen’s started out importing jewellery from Thailand often travelling to the country to find the perfect pieces. As demand for their product increased the pair shifted into wholesale sales for Danish clients. After success as wholesalers, the Enevoldsen’s moved to a bigger headquarters and the first in-house designer joined the team allowing the brand to establish their own collection.

The company started manufacturing in Thailand in 1998 and currently operate a large-scale six-story facility in the region as well as three additional facilities in the region. The brand’s headquarters remain in Copenhagen and the product is now sold in over ninety countries worldwide with 8 600 stores in Thailand alone.

Pandora is committed to manufacturing products responsibly and ensures it company is a safe, productive and fulfilling environment to work in and that it minimizes its impact on the environment. The company recycles waste material for use in the construction sector.

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