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Latest Deals | 28th June 2022




Polo, a favourite on the South African fashion market, is defined by its light tones, sporty cuts and country club-chic aesthetic. Its brand inspires loyalty as customers know they can rely on Polo to produce top-quality and timeless pieces.

Polo clothing and products are made with the utmost attention to detail and care, using fabrics imported from Italian mills and working with expertly skilled tailors. The factory that produces Polo products uses modern technologies and highly-trained staff to produce products that have a cool,  calm  and chic aesthetic. Polo offers a wide variety of casual wear and sports apparel for men, women and children and is known for its signature country club aesthetic and classic golfers.

Polo also produces limited runs of some collections, offering customers something exclusive and refined. The brand also frequently collaborates with up-and-coming local designers, artisans and community projects to help stimulate and support design and development in the country.

Shoppers can find Polo products in 17 flagship stores in most major metropolitan cities, in cosmopolitan department stores and in independent stores across sub-Saharan Africa.

Gordon Joffe founded Polo in 1976 along Ronnie Lange, Freddie Barnet and Stuart Shub. The group had extensive experience in clothing manufacturing and were formerly executives at Monatic, a company who produced corporate wear for professional brands.

Polo initially operated a factory in Lansdowne where the trademark square-buttoned shirt was born. The factory experienced great success and soon became a sought-after shirt manufacturer taking on famous international clients like Christian Dior and Lanvin.

Polo’s  trademarked South African in-house brand was also sold internationally in UK and Switzerland. Although their collection originally featured menswear exclusively, in 1979 Polo branched out and included women’s wear and new products, firmly establishing the brand has a lifestyle product.

Polo ensures that it promotes responsible sourcing amongst its suppliers, both locally and internationally and is continuously exploring innovative and conscious materials, styles and cuts. They’re also dedicated to its employees and suppliers and ensure progressive relationships are at the heart of its business practices. Polo frequently teams up of small local manufacturers and community initiatives.

The company is also dedicated to reducing waste and works with suppliers who share their goals and ensure their  packaging supplier is FSC certified.

Polo’s Pink Pony product capsule and campaign is an initiative to raise funds and awareness for the CANSA Association, a non-profit organisation dedicated to the fight against breast cancer and advocation for greater awareness. 15 percent of Pink Pony proceeds go to CANSA.

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