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Latest Deals | 28th June 2022




Soviet is one of South Africa’s go-to brands for long-lasting footwear, Jeanswear and accessories that are designed and crafted with real people who want to feel free and genuine in mind.

The brand thus boasts authenticity and has a refined but sporty style and that creates a classic, comfortable and casual look. The tones, cuts and materials used invoke a sense of authenticity and naturalism, using earthly uses and durable fabrics inspired by the practical and functional Soviet lifestyle.

Soviet has a wide range of clothing, shoes and accessories for men, offering everything you’d need to create the perfect closet.

The brand also offers something for women and kids, and their sneaker collections offers something to suit any style, from the classic Barcas that will add a clean finish to any casual outfit, to the trendy Mayflower whose eclectic pop of colour will take any athleisure look to the next level.

In addition to clothing and shoes, the brand also specialises in expertly-designed watches and other essential accessories. The Soviet brand is for people on the move – you’ll find pieces that will guarantee comfort and practicality without compromising on style and trendiness.

Their Anga sneaker inspired by brand ambassador,  Anga ‘NaakmusiQ’ Makubalo – a South Africa music icon – was launched in early 2019 and was featured in GQ magazine, lauded for its unique colour schemes, one which blended white, red and olive green and the other a blend of white, tan and navy.

The signature star symbol replacing the tittle in the Soviet branding is widely recognisable and distinguishes it from other retailers using similar names. Beyond this, the star is a symbol for the brand’s strengths – quality, authenticity, individuality and value.

South African shoppers can find Soviet stand-alone stores in eighteen locations across the country, in most metropolitan centres. Soviet is also stocked in leading fashion retailers across the country.

Soviet was established in 1987 with the Soviet Jeanswear Company which has since become a giant on the South African retail market.  Soviet is now part of Pretoria Clothing and Caps Pty Ltd – a leading and multifaceted brand management and retail company whose headquarters are in Johannesburg. Soviet is the cornerstone of the company.

Soviet is committed to its customers, not just by providing the best quality clothing, but also by remaining committed to improving the lives of South Africans by supporting communities and promoting socio-economic upliftment through its Social Responsibility initiatives.

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