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Latest Deals | 28th June 2022




Sunglasses are the most important fashion accessory for shoppers in South Africa where the sun shines no matter the season, and luckily, international retailer Sunglass Hut has you covered with an extensive collection of the trendiest eyewear out there.

Sunglass Hut is the premier destination for leading brands and trends in performance shades and because they’re dedicated to glasses, they have every style, shape, brand and colour you could possibly imagine, from butterfly to square. You’re also able to select a pair based on your preferred lens type and by materials so you can find the ideal pair of sunglasses for every occasion and outfit.

The store stocks top-quality and leading brands including familiar names such as Ray-Bans, Arnette and Bvlgri. The company prides itself of authenticity and all products and brands sold are genuine products.

In addition to the perfect pair of sunglasses, the store offers their customers the perfect pair promise – they’ll keep your shades looking fresh with custom cleaning and adjustments at any Sunglass Hut store. Sunglass Hut understands that sometimes, life happens, so their customers are entitled to ‘Oops coverage’ which offers you up to 50 percent off a new pair if you damage your new pair.

Sunglass Hut made its South African debut in 2007 and now has over sixty-one stores in major shopping centres across the country. You can find a Sunglass Hut concept store within twenty-two Edgars stores country-wide.

Sunglass Hut was established in Miami by optometrist Sanford Ziff in 1971 and soon became renown for its performance brands. By 1986, Ziff had one hundred Sunglass hut outlets on the market, capturing the attention of shoppers with innovative touches, such as their 2013 Social Sun in-store photo kiosks and its earlier collaboration with NYC-based painter Chris Mendoza. The brand was also early to embrace e-commerce and has been selling their products online since 1998.

Sunglass Hut is now owned by leaders in luxury retail, the Luxoticca Group, whose brands include world-class icons such as Oakley, Alain Mikil, Giorgio Armani and Burberry.

It’s franchise owner, Luxoticca Group recently partnered with Hudson, a travel experience company, to take world-class fashion to another level. Hudson will open 250 Sunglass Hut stores within its stores. Husdon has over a thousand stores, and 250 of these stores will soon feature a Sunglass Hut store-in-store. This partnership promises to bring convenient style to travellers and shoppers across the world.

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