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Latest Deals | 28th June 2022




If you’re looking for the best footwear Italy has to offer, Superga has the answer. As one of the leading brands in sports and leisurewear, Superga is renowned for its stylish, authentic and classic Italian collection.

The classic Superga look is a blend of a simple design with a touch of personality and flair. Nothing else you’ll find will look quite like a pair of Superga’s and its distinguished style is unmistakable. The brand’s trendy look and comfortable fit is loved by well-known personalities across the world and has been sported by actresses Gugu Gumede, Kate Middleton and Emma Watson.

Superga also offers a range for children and infants in affordable and super-comfortable styles.

Superga’s understated boldness manifests beautifully in their women’s line which features unique and unconventional blends of contemporary fashion and the classic Superga feel, such as the Printed Fox with zebra-patterned outsole and the pink-outsole Alpine Jellygum.

Superga has its finger on the pulse of what’s hot and has even collaborated with Cape Town-based designer, Chu Suwannapha, also known as the Prince of Prints and founder of Chulaap, as well as international sensations Vesace and Mira Mikati.

These stunning combinations of Superga’s classic chic look and creative, bold and bright designers give their collections a special flavour making it unique.

You can get your new Supergas anywhere – Superga has in major metropolitan areas of South Africa and is also sold in major fashion retailers, both in stores and online.

Superga has stood the test of time and has been around since 1911 when it specialised in wheel tyres. The first Superga design was created by Walter Martiny whodesigned a tennis shoe for his wife that would hold up on hard pavement courts, leading to the first shoe to have a vulcanised sole. By 1925 it was producing the first canvas sneaker with vulcanised natural rubber sole – the legendary 2750 model.

In 2005 Superga and South Africa made history with the country being the first international Superga license. Superga has since made waves in the fashion and footwear industry with creative projects, including its 2006 collaboration with Swarovski diamonds and in 2014, the brand introduced South African personality Poppy Ntshongwana as one of their ambassadors. In 2020, the brand is supported by South African personalities like DJ Lamiez Holworthy

Superga is an eco-conscious brand and the rubber and canvas they used is natural and they are constantly striving towards innovative environmental practices.

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