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Latest Deals | 28th June 2022




Caesarstone knows that no remodel is complete without the perfect stone countertops to complete the look and thus provides shoppers with a collection of authentic, gorgeous quartz designs.

Caesarstone specialises in quartz which is ideal for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities and wall furniture. Quarts is one of the strongest minerals to be found in nature and is resistant to stains, scratches and cracks, making it long-lasting and durable – the perfect investment for your home or enterprise. Quartz surfaces are also impervious to heat, cold and household chemical cleaners. Caesarstone’s surfaces comprises a blend of 93 percent quartz, numerous polymers and dashes of pigment to create beautiful surfaces in a variety of finishes.

Caesarstone brings the quality and luxury of high-end interior design to your home with its wide selection of colours and designs at reasonable prices. The collection showcases more than 40 unique designs offering a selection of ultra-modern aesthetics.

Your new Caesarstone product comes with a lifetime warranty and is sure to increase your property value. It’s easy to maintain and care for and will be a staple in your home and the heart of your home’s design for years to come.

Generic quartz products are often described as Caesarstone, owing to the brand being forerunners on the market, defining the trends and innovating the industry. You should always ensure you’re receiving the original Caesarstone quality product.

Photos don’t do the deeply textured and refined quartz justice. You can find a Caesarstone in most major metropolitan areas – Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, George, Port Elizabeth, Pretoria, Nelspruit and Harare, Zimbabwe. The Caesarstone Design Studio is located in Sandton.

Caesarstone South Africa is part of an international franchise of award-winning quarts suppliers that was founded in 1987 at Kibbutz Sdot Ym, Israel. The company has three manufacturing sites. Two are in Israel in the Kibbutz Sdot Yam region and the Bar Lev Industrial Zone and the third is in Richmond Hill, USA.

Caesarstone supports young talent and runs an annual Student Designer competition, inviting South Africa’s design institutions and universities to participate and be judged by industry heavyweights and prizes include an all-expenses paid trip to an international design fair.

The company is also committed to the environment and guarantees that the natural mineral is the most abundant mineral and found in twelve percent of its crust. Caesarstone also operates purification systems in their plants and surroundings, collect fine dust, store materials safely and have low carbon emissions.

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