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Latest Deals | 30th June 2022




Carrol Boyes’ distinctive pieces are very popular gifts in South Africa and abroad.

Carrol Boyes is a privately owned company that manufactures and markets a high-end range of home and lifestyle items. The company is named after its founder and CEO, who started making craft products from her Cape Town home in 1991. Carrol, a fine arts graduate from the University of Pretoria, left her English teaching job to follow her passion for art at the age of 35. Within six months, she was making and selling the unique items she had made, taking care to only buy materials she could afford in order to manage the business’ cash flow. Carrol’s breakthrough came when well-known decor store, Peter Visser Interiors, stocked a few of her product lines which quickly sold out. Word-of-mouth soon spread about her items and the business grew rapidly from there onwards. By 1992, the company had built a manufacturing facility located on a Limpopo farm run by Carrol’s brother and father.

Today, Carrol Boyes is a household name with a range comprising more than 1,000 items. The homeware range of artistic tableware, dinner service, and cutlery sets are highly-coveted and are the most popular category sold by the business, thanks to their non-traditional sculptured design, elegance, and functionality. The company’s offering has expanded to include home decor, office desktop items, bar accessories, as well as jewelry and leather goods. Carrol Boyes has a following outside South Africa too, with the online store shipping to 30 countries worldwide. Locally, Carrol Boyes products are sold in approximately 35 standalone stores located in the most exclusive malls in the country.

Carrol Boyes sells over a million items per year to a mix of local and international clients.

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