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Latest Deals | 28th June 2022




Even If you don’t recognise the name Consol, you’ll recognise their products – Consol produces top quality glass products, from pickle jars to wine bottles. Consol glass is the safer and healthier choice for packaging.

Consol has curated an extensive selection of glass packaging for food and beverages, in all shapes and sizes. Its range of innovations includes unique drinking bottles, wine and spirits bottles, pharmaceutical containers and cosmetics. Anything can be packaged in glass and you can find any glass packaging at Consol.

Nature is at the heart of the Consol philosophy – from the earth, through fire, to perfection. Glass is the result heating sand, soda ash, limestone and traces of other natural ingredients like iron and carbon, as well as recycled glass. The raw materials are measured and delivered to batch mixers to combine the perfect ration and then moved to the furnace and heated to about 1500°C.

Glass is a completely natural product that leaves no traces of harmful chemicals, additives or impurities and keeps its contents safe from bacteria. Glass is easy to clean, has a timeless and elegant aesthetic and can last a lifetime, making it the go-to choice for conscious consumers. The material is also completely recyclable and versatile, improving the taste and quality of its contents and keeping it colder and fresher for longer.

70 percent of the glass used in Consol products is cullet, or recycled glass.

Consol products are available at selected retail outlets. You can also get them directly from Consol stores in Durban, Woodmead, Gauteng and Stellenbosch.

Consol have been passionate about their product for over 70 years. The company began in early 1944 when Johannesburg finance house, Anglovaal acquired an industry-leading glassware factory in Pretoria. From this merger emerged Consol Glass -the brand you’ve come to trust. In the capable hands of CEO Mike Arnold and his team, Consol glass continues to be South Africa’s leading glass manufacturer.

Consol has manufacturing sites in Bellville, Clayville, Nigel, Wadeville, Kenya, Nigeria and Ethopia. Wadeville was opened in 1946 and the Ethiopian plant joined most recently on 2019.

As part of Consol’s social investment, the company has invested over R200 million in equipment to recycling plants to ensure the valuable work recyclers do can continue and new cutting-edge technologies can help strengthen recycling. The company also supports South African communities by funding projects that can make a sustainable difference in education, welfare, health and crime prevention.

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