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Latest Deals | 27th September 2021




An established family business that’s become one of South Africa’s most trusted appliance stores.

In 1979, Allan and Margaret Hirsch started Allan started an appliance repair and electronic spare parts store in Durban North. Allan, an unemployed appliance repair man who had dropped out of school in Grade 9 (Standard 7) due to his struggles with dyslexia, invested R900 in the business. For the first few years, the business was focused on repairs but soon shifted to selling products when Allan’s customers started asking him for recommendations when they were considering buying new appliances. The businessman would oblige and even offered to buy the item on their behalf and install it for them, all at a reasonable price. Allan’s ability to put customers first and keep them happy quickly earned him a base of loyal customers. The store’s success can also be attributed to well-timed marketing. When the couple bought microwaves that they struggled to sell on to customers, they organised an evening event to demonstrate the product’s features and ended up selling 11 units on the night.

By 1984, the appliance store had become so successful it had to be moved to bigger premises, and from that moment on, its growth accelerated. More stores were opened across KZN before expanding to the Gauteng and Western Cape regions. Today, Hirsch’s has a total of 13 stores, as well as a service center and spares shop. The store has stuck to its roots, supplying a variety of quality appliances and home furnishings from leading brands such as Samsung, Smeg, Defy, LG, and Bosch among others. Hirsch’s also provides repair services when needed. The business is still family-run, with Allan and Margaret’s children being a part of its operation for close to 20 years. Today, the business is worth an estimated R1.4-billion.

Hirsch’s is the largest independently-owned appliance and electronics store in South Africa