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A manufacturer best-known for its range of colourful cast-iron cookware.

Le Creuset’s enamel-coated cookware is known the world over for its bright colours and durability. The company was founded by Armand Desaegher and Octave Aubecq, who produced their first cocotte (French oven) from their foundry, located in the town of Fresnoy-Le-Grand, a small town in France. The pot was made in an orange colour, which they appropriately called Flame, that was to become synonymous with the Le Creuset brand. The company continued to produce a range of cookware before shutting down the factory during World War 2. Armand and Octave spent the time refining their product, and by the end of the war, production resumed with a range of new colours hitting the market. By 1952, Le Creuset cookware was being exported to other European markets as well as to the US. Throughout the 1960s, Le Creuset continued to innovate, launching its Doufeu and Coquelle ranges, with the latter designed by the renowned Franco-American designer, Raymond Loewy. In 1966, the company’s manual casting workshop was replaced with semi-automatic machinery in an effort to modernise its production facilities

By the 1980s, Le Creuset was widely considered to be one of the finest products to be exported from France. The company broadened its product range by acquiring Hallen International Inc., a company that manufactured wine accessories. In 1988, the company was acquired by South African-born Paul Van Zuydam, who relocated its headquarters to Lugano, Switzerland. The company established its South African subsidiary in 1999 and currently has 34 stores nationwide adding to its tally of over 480 outlets globally. The brand’s products are also listed in major department stores. Le Creuset’s cast iron products are still a major contributor to the company, accounting for approximately 50% of the company’s sales. All the cast iron pots are still made in and exported from the company’s production facilities in Fresnoy-Le-Grand.

Le Creuset’s cast iron casseroles featured prominently in the movie Julie & Julia, starring Meryl Streep as world-famous chef, Julia Child

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