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This German brand is one of the most well-known and recognised in the world.

Adidas is a leading manufacturer of sports and leisure shoes, clothing, and accessories. The company was founded by Adolf “Adi” Dassler. In July 1924, Adolf and his brother, Rudi, established the Dassler Brothers’ Shoe Factory. The business was a success in their hometown, located close to Nuremberg. It was the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games that thrust the brand into the global spotlight when Adi managed to convince the African-American athlete, Jesse Owens, to wear the athletic spikes that the company made. Owens went on to win numerous gold medals at the Games and his success led to the Dassler brothers’ shoes being in high demand around the world. During the World War 2 years, a feud developed between the brothers, ending their business partnership and forever damaging their personal relationship. In 1947, Rudi Dassler formed a new company that he called Ruda. This later became Puma. Adolf Dassler followed suit in 1949 and formed his own company – Adidas – a portmanteau of his name (Adi) and surname (Das).

Adidas’ iconic 3-stripe logo was acquired from another sports shoe company, Karhu Sports, in 1952. The brand became a household name, thanks to the German national football team’s unexpected victory in the 1954 World Cup. The team wore the innovative lightweight soccer boots that were a first at the time. By 1967, Adidas introduced clothing to their brand offering, launching the 3-stripe tracksuit named after German football legend, Franz Beckenbauer. In 1986, Adidas crossed from sports into popular culture when rap group, Run DMC, released their classic single “My Adidas”, prompting the company to become the preferred clothing brand of rappers and B-boys in the growing genre. Today Adidas shoes and apparel are worn by the biggest sports stars, as well as fashion icons. The company is known for its edgy marketing and collaborations with stars such as Kanye West and Lionel Messi. Adidas’ South African headquarters are located in Cape Town

Adidas is the 2nd biggest sports brand in the world.

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