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Latest Deals | 30th June 2022




Discover peace of mind with Discovery Health’s selection of Medical Aid plans, Life Insurance, Car and Home insurance and Banking services to help you be certain that your well-being is protected from unexpected events.

Discovery Health’s large portfolio of finance solutions allows its customers to centralise their administrative tasks. Their mission is to incentivise people to live healthier lives and its insurance model promises to deliver better value and superior actuarial dynamics for insurers, leading to an overall healthier society. Over 5.1 million clients can’t be wrong – Discovery is one of the leading choices for insurance in South Africa.

Discovery Health offers both individual and business insurance to ensure that all aspects of your lifestyle are covered. Within 60 seconds, you can receive a quote tailored to your needs.

The foundation of the Discovery Health model is Vitality, a three-tiered program that rewards Discovery members for living well – Health, Drive and Money. With Vitality, you earn points to increase your vitality status.

Protect your workforce and get a comprehensive suite of employee benefits and risk solutions. Protected workforces are more productive and as an employer, the well-being of your team should be your utmost priority. Provide your employees with Medical Aid, retirement funds, group risk and more benefits.

Upgrade your bank and join Discovery for a world of benefits, including up to four percent interest on funds in your cheque account or 9.01 percent on fixed savings. You can also earn discovery miles when swiping your card. Start a behavioural account to maximise benefits and rewards. There’s a wide range of options for you to explore. Discovery Rewards partners include a long list of beloved lifestyle brands including Virgin Active, Pick n Pay, Woolworths, Total Sports and Apple Watch Series 3.

Discovery Health is dedicated to becoming a force for social good by contributing to a more sustainable future for South African communities by incorporating the National Development Goals and upholding the global Sustainable Development Goals. Their eleven commitments include commitments to providing health products and services, healthy workforces, healthy communities and healthy organisations.

Discovery Health has been protecting the interests of South Africans since 1992 when it was founded by innovative young actuary Adrian Gore who had a vision for a health insurance model to not just cover people but improve their health. The South African company grew into a major global force with a market cap of over $8 billion in major markets.

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