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Latest Deals | 30th June 2022




South Africa’s abundance of world-renowned outdoor activities and extreme sports, from hiking to trail biking, calls for an extensive range of specialised outdoor equipment. Make the most of the country’s beautiful landscapes and diverse climates by spending some time outdoors, protected and comforted by First Ascent’s collection of outdoor apparel.

First Ascent provides top quality, specialised products designed for the expert outdoorsman and the novice alike. From weekend camping trip to month-long hike, First Ascent’s quality products will keep you secure for years to come. Designed with outdoor fanatics in mind, First Ascent products are substantial and more than just aesthetic – they’re authentic products of decades of passion and innovation.

South African scenery requires South African equipment which makes the locally designed and manufactured products from First Ascent the perfect tools to support your lifestyle. No matter what your favourite outdoor activity is, First Ascent has something to help improve your performance and keep you comfortable. Its range of apparel includes hiking and camping, snowing and skiing, biking and running.

First Ascent products are designed and engineered to withstand extreme weather by using innovative technologies. The PrimaLoft Silver Insulation Cross Core technology comprises synthetic fibre that is lightweight, warm and soft in combination with non-harmful natural goose down – nature’s lightest and best form of insulation. Additionally, its Vapourtex technology is breathable, lightweight and waterproof which is perfect to keep you going during South Africa’s summer rainfall conditions. First Ascent’s most advanced innovation, Derma-Tec helps make awkward chafing a thing of the past with its jacquard knitting that allows freedom of movement. First Ascent’s cutting-edge technologies are innumerable and specially designed to keep you going longer.

Find all the gear and accessories you need including protective clothing, gloves, caps, rainwear, and SPF protection on the First Ascent online store.

First Ascent has been around since 1989 and has since become associated with world-class design and quality. The brand was established by Charl Gold who has a lifetime of passion and experience in the outdoor industry and was taken over by his son Andrew. The brand was bought by Moresport in 2007 with the launch of its Performance Brands Division and for the first time a Gold family member was not at the helm of the First Ascent empire.

The iconic First Ascent logo and lizard represents South Africa’s unique and dynamic heritage that has inspired the brand since their inception over thirty years ago.

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