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Planet Fitness brings you everything you need to keep your body fit, healthy and functioning at its best. As one of South Africa’s leading fitness centres, Planet Fitness is dedicated to bringing South Africans world-class equipment and excellent service.

Planet Fitness offers its customers a unique fitness experience that places them at the centre of the brand’s ethos. From free Wi-Fi to electricity generators, Planet Fitness is dedicated to ensuring your fitness experience is consistently awesome.

Join the Planet Fitness club to get access to a wide range of classes to keep your training program fresh and interesting. These classes include basic cardio, martial arts and dance classes as well as more energy-packed and intense strength and conditioning and training classes and fusion classes to heal both the body and mind.

Planet Fitness caters for everyone, from long-term fitness freaks looking for sophisticated equipment, to beginners who need an extra push to keep them going on their fitness journey. To help you find your feet, Planet Fitness offers a complimentary induction session to help familiarise you with all the equipment and facilities.

The ‘PumpHiitup’ program offers a next-level and intensive training experience that combines science and technology to up your game by 35 percent compared to other exercise programs. Get in the Zone with Planet Fitness’s unique fitness experience. You can also download the app to track your progress.

Planet Fitness also offers the Brazilian Booty Blast program which focuses on toning and has been a smash hit amongst gym-goers since its launch, thanks to its incorporation of fun and fast movements.

Planet Fitness has partnered with leading South African medical aid service providers, including Discovery Vitality, Momentum Multiply, Sanlam Reality and Genesis. Their retail partners include Puma, USN and Agility.

Planet Fitness has 23 health clubs around South Africa. You can find Planet Fitness clubs in the Western Cape, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga. The Planet Fitness family also comprises Planet Fitness Signature and JustGyms.

Planet Fitness has been a sanctuary for athletic South Africans since they were founded in 1995 by Manny Rivera, who at the time had come fresh out from New York and married a South African woman. The Planet Fitness empire began humbly in Benoni but soon bloomed into a multi-billion-rand enterprise. Its signature colour scheme, blue red and white symbolised the lessons he learnt during his career in the US fitness industry and is now a symbol for Planet Fitness’ dedication to their customers’ well-being.

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