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Latest Deals | 30th June 2022




USN are South African leaders in health and fitness nutritional products, providing South Africans with an extensive selection of scientifically and independently tested products to help build the body you want.

Designed to accompany rigorous training programs, USN products helps provide customers with that extra boost, helping athletes reach their optimum performance.  Their products are scientifically-proven, nutritionally beneficial and effective supplements.

USN products are designed to help you achieve your individual goal. Their extensive range of products can help you optimise your performance. If you’re looking for muscle gains and nitrogen retention, Bluelab is for you. One of the more recent products in USN’s collection, Bluelab, is a premium, 100 percent whey blend. Bluelab comprises whey protein isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate to help muscle development, support and recovery. The product is endorsed by Ryan Terry, the reigning Arnold Classic Men’s physique champion. The Bluelab whey protein comes in flavours that are familiar favourites in South African – Bar One, Buttermilk Toffee and speckled eggs and Double Choc Rocky Road.

For an extra boost of energy, USN’s Amino Ener-H range is a widespread favourite. The anytime amino acid-based energy drink enhances endurance, focus, stamina and recovery. Formulated with the natural stimulant Dynamine, the amino acid provides a pick-me-up at any time of the day and is available in refreshing flavours, blueberry and raspberry rascals and pineapple-mango.  The product is also Halaal-certified.

If your goal is weight-loss, USN has a range of products designed to accompany you on your journey to better health. The high protein, low carb whey protein blend helps increase muscle mass and your metabolic rate, as well as providing fibre for better digestive health, available in vanilla ice cream and speckled egg flavours.

You can find USN in major retail and sporting stores across Southern Africa, as well as worldwide. You can also buy products online.

USN, the global leader in sports nutrition, was founded in 2000 by South African Albé Geldenhuys and has utilised the best quality raw materials to produce scientific products since its inception. with no business experience, Albé embraced a gap in the market and grew a company from the ground up, focussing on providing well-priced but professionally produced products. The brand’s focus on health and wellbeing rather than body-building, aiming to meet their customers demands.

USN is driven by a team of R and D professionals who keep the brand on the top of cutting-edge ingredient research and manufacturing methods.

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