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Get in the zone and train as though fight night were around the corner at Zone Fitness, specialists in radical alternative workouts that guarantee results. From beginners to professionals, Zone Fitness has a plan for you.

Zone Fitness’s Radical Alternative Workouts are designed to offer you an intensive program to target key areas in thirty minutes.  Join the Boot Camp to experience a high energy class to tone and strengthen your body. Raise your heart rate and burn body fat with this quick and intensive workout that is suitable for all training levels. Burn fat and some steam with Fight Night, a 30-minute boxing-based workout that combines punching and cardio. Take your workout up a notch with the Super Circuit program, a full body cardio and strength combination to ensure a well-rounded session. The fast-paced session involves a number of repetitions for a set time.

Choose from a series of Zone Fitness training programmes designed to help you see the results you want. From building a Captain America Body to Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine workout, Zone Fitness has something to get your blood pumping and to bring your inner beast out to play. With Zone Fitness’s Leg Madness workout, you’ll never want to skip leg day again.

Start small with the beginners’ training program to help get acquainted with the centre, your training routine and your body.

Workout from home with Zone Fitness’s online fitness classes to ensure you don’t miss a session and keep your progress up. From push ups to step class, Zone Fitness is there to support your workout.

Zone Fitness has built a vibrant environment in their gyms, ensuring customers feel motivated and energised. By keeping up with the latest innovations and constantly striving to improve their clients’ experiences, Zone Fitness has become one of the most prominent chains in South Africa.

Zone Fitness has 18 locations in Cape Town and six in Gauteng. View their website to find your nearest gym.

Zone Fitness has partnered with leaders in the industry to ensure your wellbeing. Zone Fitness is partnered with Momentum Multiply, Old Mutual Rewards and DebtBuddy.

Zone Fitness is a family-owned gym that quickly became a household name in South Africa by creating a unique atmosphere designed to support customers and encourage intense dedication to fitness. Zone Fitness has been around for over 16 years and was founded by Herman Blackie and Liesl Albers in 2002.

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